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Rotor Balancing / Vibration Measurements

A high potential for optimal operation of wind turbines is linked to the right rotor adjustment and balance. A major cause of the dynamic problems found in wind turbines today is rotor imbalance.

Routine inspections have shown that approximately 30 percent of the wind turbines, inspected without special cause, exceed the limit value for rotor imbalance.

Rotor imbalances may have different origins. They can be caused either by an uneven distribution of the rotor mass, called mass imbalance, or by deviations of the aerodynamic properties of the blades, such as different settings for the individual blade angles, called aerodynamic imbalance.

Since rotor imbalances pose a serious threat to service life and energy yield of the wind turbine, it is highly recommended that operators should routinely check their turbines for both mass and aerodynamic imbalances.

Mass imbalances are corrected by attaching balancing weights to the rotor. Aerodynamic imbalances caused by blade angle deviation can be corrected by adjusting the blade pitch angles. Applying appropriate correctivemeasures will lower the dynamic loads, increase the service life of the turbine components, improve performance, and increase turbine availability.

BerlinWind staff has been performing successful dynamic rotor balancing for many years. We have been developing efficient measurement and evaluation procedures including our own software and hardware. Clients benefit from excellent knowledge on the dynamic behaviour of many different turbine types.