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Load Measurements

Very high loads lead to accelerated wear and damage of components. Load measurements help to determine problematic stress, providing essential information for design improvements.

Load measurements serve wind turbine manufacturers to evaluate the design loads as well as to optimise the wind turbine design. Another scope of application is the search for root causes of repeating damage patterns.

BerlinWind's experts have extensive experience with individually configured load measurements at wind turbines. The measurement duration as well as the number of measuring channels is specified according to the issues to be investigated and to requirements of the customers, e.g. manufacturers and operators.

We also perform tailored measurement campaigns at wind turbine types where the further technological development is no longer supported. Together with our clients we then develop solutions and test them.

The in-house developed, robust and compact load measurement system „Multibox“ has 17 measuring channels. The input  can be chosen, e.g. strain gauges, acceleration, rotor speed, meteorological data, turbine data, etc.
It is based on a self-starting fanless industirial PC with more than 100 GB disk space for applications with many channels, high sampling rates and long measuring periods. The system has been applied successfully in load measuring campaigns with remote access and more than 1 GB data per day. However, it is also quickly installed for short-time measurements for root cause analysis.

For the evaluation, BerlinWind has in-house developed software with many features, e.g.:

•    Synchronisation with separately collected operational data
•    Statistical evaluations, time series generation, 2 parameter capture matrix sorting
•    Calculation of virtual channels, e.g. air density correction, coordinate transforms
•    Filtering
•    Frequency, spectral and order analysis
•    Load cycle analysis with Rainflow counting according to ASTM