27. Windenergietage 2018 in Linstow. 
Treffen Sie uns am 7.11.2018 im Forum 21 "Weiterbetrieb und Instandhaltung" 
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Visit us at booth A1.251.01 in Hall A1 at WindEnergy Hamburg, 25 - 28 September 2018, 
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Camera-based Measurements

For more than five years, BerlinWind has developed and successfully applied camera-based measuring methods for vibration analysis at wind turbines. These are very suitable for validation of design simulations, as a supplement to load measurements and root cause analysis due to the high resolution of the displacement measurement (less than 5 mm in distances of more than 100 m, sampling rate up to 60 Hz). Applications include:

  • Tower top vibration (displacements) during operation
  • Modal analysis of tower and blades
  • Tower clearance measurements
  • Blade twist measurements during operation with blade root mounted cameras