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Blade Angle Measurements

A high potential for optimal operation of wind turbines is linked to the right rotor adjustment and balance. The set blade angles have a strong impact on the performance, but also on the emerging loads.

The individually set pitch angles of the three blades (''blade angles'') are examined in order to identify and quantify relative deviations among the three blades. The overall controller setting of the pitch angles for all blades (''rotor setting'') is checked to find overall deviations of all pitch angles with respect to the set value required.

Relative blade angle deviations are the most common cause for aerodynamic rotor imbalance. At about 30% of the turbines the limit value is exceeded. The suboptimal differences in the air flow around the three blades cause a harmful increase of the vibration levels and may as well reduce the power output. According to our measurements, already relative blade angle differences of more than 0.3° lead to significant aerodynamic imbalance.

BerlinWind applies precise optical methods, which allow our experts to determine blade angles, accurate to a tenth of a degree. Based on the measurement results, it is possible to adjust the blade angles and thereby reduce the vibration level significantly.