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Balancing Box – Measuring System for Rotor Imbalances

Many wind turbines have major vibration problems, caused by increased vibrations due to rotor imbalance. This situation leads to the accelerated wear of components and causing increased repair costs and loss of revenue. Potentially damaging imbalances are diagnosed quickly and reliably using our measuring system Balancing Box.

The Balancing Box is a Plug-and-Use measuring system to check wind turbines for rotor imbalance by vibration measurements. The Balancing Box is used in combination with the software Balancing Test which takes the user step-by-step through the measuring campaign. Individual measuring conditions are specified for each wind turbine type and configuration in order to assure comparable measurement results. The on-site evaluation of the measurements includes a comparison of the measured vibration level with specified limiting values.

The measurement data and results are stored automatically; moreover the results may be documented in an automatically generated protocol. Finally, the data of the measuring campaign may be stored in BerlinWind’s balancing data base for a more detailed data analysis and as back-up for data safety issues.

The rough on-site working conditions of wind turbine service staff were especially considered in the development of the Balancing Box. Therefore, after a training course on the vibration measurement, they are able to check on their own the wind turbines for rotor imbalances.