About us

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BerlinWind offers independent expertise on wind energy focusing on the optimisation of wind turbine performance. For many years, we have been working successfully in the wind industry, helping our clients to make the operation of wind turbines more profitable.

BerlinWind employees are world-renowned experts in dynamic rotor balancing and technical consulting. We have measured about 2000 wind turbines from more than 20 manufacturers, both onshore and offshore. Therefore, our clients benefit from the vast knowledge of all types of wind turbines we possess. We are internationally experienced, with references around the globe, working close with wind turbine manufacturers and owner/ operators.

Our extensive in-house R&D has developed high precision measuring systems for rotor imbalance measurement, laser-based blade contour measurement and optical blade angle measurement, as well as customised load measurement systems of more than 100 channels.

BerlinWind has an excellent network in the wind industry and is an active member of the German Wind Energy Association (BWE) and its workgroup on turbine lifetime extension.